Dear lover of all things politics, all things history and all things current events!

We interrupt the news of the day for an important message from American's History Teacher, Professor Larry Schweikart.

Your regular dose of outlandish opinion, senseless rhetoric and baseless facts will resume AFTER this important message...

Larry with Resources Collage

“Can the news and the political landscape get any more outrageous? Regardless of how much you love or disdain this leader or that, believe one story or another, you must admit that the current state of news and opinion has reached a boiling point. And the pot’s either going to spill over and mess up the whole stove, or someone is going to adjust the temperature control before things get even more out of hand. If you’re expecting the current voices to initiate a global cooling, then you’ll be waiting till the next ice age. But fear not! I heard you!”

Professor Larry Schweikart, PhD., America's History Teacher
Larry Schweikart Teaching
Heard you? Absolutely, he heard you.

We heard you too. We asked consumers of the news, the ones who are engaged in the conversation of the day, who are informed, and smart… just like you, and guess what they told us?

They told us they’re tired of news/talk shows where the opinions fly and the facts are… well, optional.

They told us that kind of “inflamotainment” is not news, it’s not even opinion. It’s just insulting and angering. They told us they want more intelligent dialog about this issues of the day. But with an edge that keeps people laughing. Because, sometimes… we just have to, laugh. It is the best medicine, after all. Sound familiar? Sound like you? We thought so…

Boiling pot of news and politics

Stop The Insanity!

Stop the assaults on our intelligence!

We couldn’t agree more.

Turns out thinking people are tired of the blah-blah rhetoric-as-usual.

Thinking people want informed, fact-based dialog to enter the conversation. Facts from where? Well think about it… there’s a wonderful written record of facts. Perhaps you know it… It’s called history! You know that thing that repeats itself? Imagine the clarity that can come from putting today into perspective by looking at yesterday. Novel idea? Yes… Hard to pull off… Yes. Unless, of course, you’re America’s History Teacher, Professor Larry Schweikart!

Current Events, Politics, History!

You love them all, right?

What if you could have the very things you asked for: intelligent dialog with just enough irreverence to keep it lively, catchy facts to make it worth repeating, and interesting enough to make you a current-events rock-star. It can happen!

What if every day, every week, you could spend your time enjoying content that doesn’t insult your intelligence, content that fits the time you have, in a format that works with your life? Content that keeps you informed, provides perspective and okay… entertains you, too. What if that content was history-based, relating yesterday to today?

You can have the kind of intellectually irreverent content you asked for!

If I could do one thing, I’d love to go to dinner with Dr. Larry Schweikart and just let him talk.

Roger M.

Today’s world is more divisive than ever. And it seems to be only getting worse. Too many opinions and egos, too much air time and not enough facts. Ever been in a room with a friend, a family member and the dreaded current-event conversation heats up? Ever sit there and think, “I wish Larry Schweikart were here because he could set the record straight.” Not by shouting louder than everyone else, but by sharing the historical facts. “Ah, that would be so awesome!” After all, getting your overbearing brother-in-law, who “knows all the answers,” to read one of Larry’s books on history is simply not going to happen.

History buffs and humans alike, here’s your chance to get more Larry Schweikart. To be part of his inner circle. And part of the conversation in real time, or whenever you want it.

Shorter than one of his major works of non-fiction and longer than his 140-character tweets, a new Professor Larry website called The Wild World of History is now online with loads of exclusive content.

Larry over his books

There’s just too much hot air these days and not enough real understanding. History is the best teacher of the past, and the most vivid window to our present. That’s Professor Larry Schweikart’s gift.

Elaine V.

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