Parents you have a mission to keep your kids learning!

There's never been more uncertainty in our education system and what school will look like going forward. One thing for sure... your kids will be learning from home at least part of the time. That means remote teaching, home schooling and adapting.

If you're home schooling already, then you have a head start on how it works. If this is all new, then how would you like a head start too?

Teaching your kids at home is a big responsibility.

Want to know the biggest fear parents like you face, day in and day out, when it comes to home schooling their kids? Here goes…

The biggest fear is…

…Am I teaching my kids the right things that will set them up for success now and in the future?

There's enough uncertainty in our world, let's not roll the dice on your kids' futures too.

Think about it…

There's great value in teaching history especially right now. Experts agree, if you’re not teaching history in a way that keeps your kids interested and engaged, then your kids are missing out. They fall behind in not just the facts, but also in the personal and social development that can only come through learning about history and history makers.

Mom and Daughter Using Wild World of History
Teaching your kids at home is a big responsibility.

An Effective History Curriculum Helps Kids

  • Understand their own identities
  • Improve their decision-making and judgement
  • Recognize a model of good citizenship
  • Learn from the past
  • Make sense of today by learning about yesterday
  • Gain context for the things they'll encounter in life
  • And much more...
What if there was a history curriculum that could take your fear away and deliver all these benefits to your kids?

One that your kids would find fun. (You know that’s important!) One that challenges them. And that you would feel good about teaching? Because, let’s face it. You want your kids to know more than just what’s required to pass the standardized tests. Don’t you want them to be good citizens and future leaders, too?

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Mom and Daughter Using Wild World of History

No one talks about this but…

Without a solid understanding of history, your kids are at a disadvantage in life.

And surely you don’t want that. Let’s make sure your kids have a leg up!

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Ask Yourself

Maybe you chose to home school your kids even before the pandemic. If so, why?

  • Was it to make sure your kids got a superior education?
  • Was it to help them be more engaged in learning?
  • Was it to assure that the values they were learning meshed with your own?

Whether you're home schooling by choice or because of education uncertainty, you're not alone.

One mom told us a story

Her son was struggling under the pressure of being shy and more artistic than the other boys in his local public school. It got so bad that this young boy would pretend to be sick just so he could stay home to avoid the teasing.

Mom was worried. Her son was falling behind. She knew she had to take drastic measures to save him, to save his future. Home school! That was the answer! So she quit her job, figured out how to make ends meet with less money and dedicated her time to her son’s education and future.

It didn’t take long for her to realize just how much responsibility she had taken on. And just how baffling finding the right American history courses would be.

Who do you trust?

How do you know the lessons contain the right content?

And especially when it comes to history, how do you know your values aren’t being compromised by bias?

A new fear took over.

She reviewed countless history programs, videos, study materials, lesson plans and she came up short every time. She decided her only option was to cobble something together herself. An article here, a video there. Activities that she found online. And still, she was unsure. Now she wasn’t just home schooling, she was creating curriculum. An even bigger and more daunting task!

Larrys books

She found Larry's Books

Then, this determined mom found the New York Times #1 best seller, A Patriot’s History of the United States, by Dr. Larry Schweikart, a tenured college professor and author of over 25 history books. At last! A history of America that is balanced, based on facts rather than opinion… and complete.

She also noticed that the book was filled with “wild facts” they don’t teach you in history class. Facts she knew would spark her son’s interest in history. She was thrilled! A Patriot’s History became her textbook.

But she still had to put the lessons together… ugh!


You don’t have to create your own history curriculum!

There's a better way

Ready to discover it?

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Well, this mom was not alone...

Professor Larry can Help!

This mom was not alone thinking that “Professor Larry” should be her son’s history teacher.

Plenty of teachers feel the same way.

A Patriot’s History has been required reading in high schools and universities across America since its first printing in 2004. But parents, we ask you… Why should older kids in high school and college be the only ones to learn history the “Patriot’s History” way?

Particularly when—are you ready?—you no longer have to create your own lessons from this iconic book. Did you know it’s now in its 30th printing, with hundreds of thousands of copies in print?

For the First Time, A Patriot's History of the United States is now a complete American History Curriculum

For middle, junior and senior high school students. AP students too!

Explore What's In Part 1 and Part 2

Professor Larry Has been called

"The History Teacher you always wished you had"

Find out why

Here's Professor Larry's own words...

Larrys books

“I’m professor Larry Schweikart and once upon a time I was a first-year history teacher. My students sat in class barely listening to what I had to say. They thought history was boring. They thought it was meaningless. Watching the clock, they couldn’t wait for the bell to ring. I knew what they were thinking, “Why do we have to know this stuff?” It was pretty bad. I felt desperate. My job was on the line. My career! How do I get these kids to realize that learning about the past can help them understand the present… and the future? Help them understand themselves?

Fast forward a year or two and a job teaching history at the University of Dayton. I had a zany idea that instead of teaching history like everyone else did, I’d make it a little… wild. A little… unforgettable. A little… entertaining. And something surprising happened. Kids started showing up for class. They started bringing their friends. And I became the talk of the campus. Not bad for a former rock-and-roll drummer, turned history teacher.”

Help your kids love history!

Here's how
Kids using Wild World of History

Say "No Way" to History Lessons that are real snooze-fests!

Please don’t put your kids to sleep and ruin their taste for history for life!

History is the greatest story on Earth. It should be and can be, well, a wild ride! That’s Professor Larry’s fortè.

Larry Teaching Wild World of History
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You're likely feeling what so many parents are feeling...

…you're worried the history curriculum you're teaching your kids isn't enough…

…you’re concerned they may not pass their achievement tests…

… you wonder whether or not you’re doing enough to set them up for college…

… you would like for the lessons you’re teaching to make them real-world ready…

… and you might even be shocked by the biases so many history courses take. How about a more balanced, researched view.

We had a little chat with a 20-year history teacher who told us he was finally fed up with history curriculum that minimizes the accomplishments and the contributions of America. Too many history courses, he felt, are apologetic, and downplay the exceptional nature of the grand experiment called the United States. The Wild World of History solves all that. Not by taking the opposite stance, but by delivering a balanced view, then suggesting the one that is closest to the truth based on historical facts. This teacher has since abandoned all those opinion, agenda-laden curricula and moved to Professor Larry’s balanced, researched and thought-provoking way of teaching history. He said some of the best debates happen in his classroom and that’s the way it should be.

People Learning Wild World of History

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Your authoritative, balanced and thought-provoking history voice is here! What relief to know you’re teaching what Professor Larry is teaching. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Each lesson in American History I and American History II includes

  • A full length video of Professor Larry and his award-winning teaching!
  • Learning Objectives
  • Prescribed lessons
  • Teaching guides for the parent or instructor
  • Study guides for the student
  • Maps
  • Links
  • Activities
  • Tests
  • Exclusive content
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Lesson Materials

A bonus?! What kind of bonus?

American History I and II. That’s two courses at a price you won’t believe! And get the bonus Wild World of History VIP membership. It’s your ticket to monthly webinars with Professor Larry himself, along with loads of extra history content you and your kids will love. You’ll be a hit at backyard barbeques! And your kids will win history trivia contests. There’s no charge for that…

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How great it would be to know with certainty that YOUR history lessons were the RIGHT history lessons?

That your kids were learning the facts they need to get higher standardized test scores and set them up for college? Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

Ooh, let’s get really wild… what if your kids placed out of a few college classes down the road?

Savings matter, right? Your kids’ confidence?

That’s important, too. Do what’s right for your kids.

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