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Learn how to teach history using the tools and methods featuring Professor Larry’s intellectually irreverent teaching style. The one that keeps him number one with students and audiences across the country.

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Want more history? More Professor Larry? Check out his bookshelf of best-sellers and more!

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The book that started it all! Learn about the Pillars of American Exceptionalism and how they contributed to the greatest land of them all.

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Armed with previously unseen sources from Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library, Professor Larry uncovers the most important president of the 20th century.

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Professor Larry has written dozens of important books on history of just about everything. Check out his current selection at your favorite online bookseller.

Professor Larry, documentary film producer has transformed the way people think of our world. Grab some popcorn and watch his films including “Rockin’ the Wall” and “Other Walls to Fall”

Based on a chapter in Professor Larry’s book Seven Events That Made America America, “Rockin’ the Wall” became the first motion picture documentary to chronical the impact rock and roll music had on the fall of communism.

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Rockin’ the Wall

Rockin the Wall